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H Global Commerce. Inc. has been engaged in the global sourcing business for over 5 years. Our major industry is commercial glass products. Our national and international suppliers and manufacturers are among the best in the business for over 20 years. They have been selected and reselected based upon their reliability to meet production schedules, ability to deliver consistent quality products and demonstrate financial strength and integrity to correct errors that occasionally arise. Products are first quality. Pricing is impressively competitive.

H Global Commerce, Inc. has been supplying glass such as tempered glass, sealed insulating glass, architectural glass, safety glass, ceramic glass, and component items to U.S. customers. Our goal is to supply the best quality products to the market at a very competitive price and to help our customers to save on their overhead.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that customers can quickly and effectively manage their challenges related to component acquisition, materials, packaging, logistics, and corporate services

We have an extensive vendor/supplier network and we constantly add new vendors to our portfolio increasing product categories and client options.


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